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Syntax for SCTR Moving Average Scan

Hi. Does anyone know the syntax to scan for stocks whose 60-day moving average SCTR ranking is, say, greater than 50? I can do a search based on current SCTR ranking but, again, I'm looking for a moving average of the SCTR.


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  • KevoKevo
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    Hi, just to let you know, there was a bug in the scan of Moving Averages for SCTR that was recently fixed. This means you are just in time!

    Here is the clause:

    and [Daily SMA(60,SCTR) > 50]


  • Cool – thanks!
  • Just to be clear, if you are using the generic SCTR coding you have to be careful when reviewing the output screen. Scooters are a ranking within a group, so sort on the groups and compare numbers within those groups. You can't compare a large cap scooter number to a small cap number as they are different groups.

    Or you could just scan within the group you are interested in.

    and [Daily SMA(60,SCTR.large) > 50]
  • Thanks for the clarification.
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