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Percentage Increase decrease (on the summary page) since the stock was added to the Chartist

I am inquiring to find out if there is a way to keep track or display the date the stock was added on the summary list and also the percentage increase or decrease since it was added.....

Thanks in advance....


  • Are you referring to a chart list you create yourself, or something else?
  • I have a chartlist created..... During my research I continually add or save stocks to it that i watch.... I would like it know the date the stock was added to the list and also the percentage increase or decrease since it was added...
  • Hi jfisher,

    Here is the best idea I can think of: In additional to List Notes, each ChartList has a comments section for each symbol. In 10 Per Page or ChartBook view, you can quickly add a date in a symbol comment area. Then click on PerfChart under other charts to see the Percentage Increase or Decrease, then manually adjust the days to the date you put in the symbol comment area. The disadvantage is that you have to calculate the number of days.

    Another option is to put two symbols separated by a comma in the create a chart input box in the top middle header area. Here you get the SharpCharts version of PerfCharts. The advantage is that you can select start (by looking at your symbol comment area) and end dates by date. The disadvantage is that you have to enter two or more symbols separated by commas to get to the tool. The first symbol could be $SPX. If you do this, you can then also look at Relative Price Performance, which is nice.
  • KevoKevo
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    On the summary page under the format using dropdown, there are a few fixed options from EOD to 1 year. You could wait until one of those options occur by referring to the trade date recorded in the symbol comment area.
  • markdmarkd mod
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    As far as I know, SC does not keep track of the date you added a chart to a list, so it doesn't have the data needed to calculate the per cent change and display it on the summary page.

    In addition to Kevo's suggestions, if you are open to a chart-based solution, you might consider a horizontal line through the close of each chart as you add it. Over time that would give you a visual sense of how each symbol has performed. It doesn't give you a number, and you can't sort, but it might be helpful. You would have to keep in mind though that it would make each chart style unique, so you couldn't apply a different chart style to the whole list and then go back to the original style with the horizontal line. However, if you wanted to see a chart in a different time frame, you could put individual charts on the chart workbench and apply different styles and not save the changes.
  • gordgord admin
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    This sounds like it's really more of a portfolio tracking and management request, StockCharts focus is on TA and charting. You are better to do this type of analysis and tracking using a spreadsheet like excel, or one of the many stock tracking software packages available.

    However if you want to do it within StockCharts I would recommend creating performance charts within your list and use the "start / end date" for the range. Just set the start date as your purchase and leave the end date as today.

    Here's a list with a few stocks in performance chart mode, all with different start dates. Note I've also used print mode rather than 10 per page mode to reduce the options on the page and just focus on the charts.

  • Nice solution. Learn something every day...
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