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Scan for bases

Anyone have a scan designed for bases. Example I bought some $REGN before its recent run up and loved its base prior to this breakout. Would like to see some examples . Thanks in advance


  • Scan for an upper price channel that is flat for as long as you think is necessary, and then a moving average that is rising below that upper channel. You have to figure out the time frames you think are best.

    so, something like

    upper price channel = x days or weeks ago upper price channel

    and sma(?, close) > x days ago sma(?, close)

    If your time frame is weekly, the sma test would be

    and weekly sma(?, weekly close) > x weeks ago sma(?, weekly close)

    Just a suggestion. I'm sure there are many other ways;
  • Thanks tried to copy and paste and received error . Is this in the advance area or standard? Thanks in advance
  • It's just the logic, not the syntax. You can get the syntax from the drop downs on the advanced scan page.
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