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ma crossover

How would you scan for an 8,21,50 EMA triple cross scan


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2015
    can you detail that? which crosses which? sounds like it would be kind of a rare event for them all to cross on the same bar.
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    The following may not be the best solution. This was done quickly. This was not checked carefully. Please perform due diligence before using. Here is what I have so far:

    and [EMA(8, Close) > EMA(21, Close)]
    and [EMA(21, Close) > EMA(50, Close)]

    and [Min(5,MACD Line(8,21)) < 0.0]
    and [Min(10,MACD Line(21,50)) < 0.0]

    I still get confused sometimes about correctly interpreting the Min function. Is this saying that the MACD Line(8,21) during the last 5 periods had to be below zero at least once?

    This scan was built like this because it seems unlikely that all 3 would cross at the same time. The 5 and 10 look back periods can be changed to suit your requirements. Please comment if you find any problems with this scan.
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    first period 3 X 8 / 8 X 21 / then 21 X 50
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    crosses in that order thank you for the help[
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    OK, so on the first bar you want the 3 to cross the 8 AND the 8 to cross the 21; then on the second bar you want the 21 to cross the 50?
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    @alcerec, I'm not a MA Crossover person, but I think I like my scan above, and I wonder if you checked it out because it does what originally asked and more since it does not enforce the order of the crossover. It does exclude the new 3 x 8 crossover since this is new information. Looking at it, you may not be able to recognize it. If you look at the results, you would see it has the crossovers where order is not as important.

    You got me thinking about something though: What is the merit about requiring the shorter-term crossover to occur before the longer-term crossover? Since MAs are lagging, I made the shorter-term crossover occur in a shorter range i.e. last. This change is reflected in the scan above.

    Next, I would like to double check the order of crossovers at some point to see which produces better results.
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    I almost forgot... see link and comments in this post: MAs
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    Here is the scan I like best:
    EMA (3) x EMA (8) / EMA (3) X EMA (21) / EMA (3) X EMA (50)
    and [country is US]
    and [open is not close]
    [type=stock] AND [daily SMA(20,daily volume) > 40000]
    and[ Williams %R(30)> SMA (10, Williams %R(30))]
    and Volume > SMA(10,daily volume) *1.5]

    Gives many candidates that I like.
    Thx Again
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    Tried but syntax error.... There are unrecognized characters before the leftmost square bracket
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