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Candlestick Pattern: Inverted Hammer missing in the scan engine?

@alcerec has pointed out in the activity section that there is no Inverted Hammer Candlestick Pattern in the advanced scan engine. All the other counterparts of this pattern like the Hammer, Hanging Man, and Shooting Star are available in the scan engine, but not the Inverted Hammer.

I know this is not the Inverted Hammer, but these 2 scan clauses are the best I can think of at the moment:

and [Downtrend is true]
and [Spinning Top is true]

Why would this Candlestick pattern be missing from the scan engine? Could SCC add it in if a missing feature request is sent in? Can someone think of a better way of coding an Inverted Hammer?


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    thank you Kevo for the modified suggustion for the inverted hammer
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    edited April 2015
    I did a little research and came up with these clauses to capture the Inverted Hammer:

    and [Downtrend is true]
    and [Close > Open] //Only checking for this case. Try comment out.
    and [AbsVal(High - Close) > AbsVal(Close - Open)*2.50]
    and [AbsVal(Open - Low) < AbsVal(Close - Open)]

    If anyone has a alternate or more efficient method, please share it. I would like to see it.

    The "and [Close > Open]" clause only captures this one case. Inverted Hammers could have Close < Open, but this would be a lesser case.

    I still do not understand and I have not figured out why SCC would elect to exclude this Candlestick Pattern from the Advanced Scan Engine especially since the 3 other counterparts are included and since I do not see an issue with coding it and scanning for it. Any insight or explanation regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
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    ...just a small correction, something I realized: the Inverted Hammer is missing from the Advanced Scan Workbench, not the Scan Engine...
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