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Scanning across different time horizons?


I have a scan that returns results based on daily chart data. To help me more accurately determine a possible entry point; I'd like to add a test row based on an indicator from an hourly chart.

For simple example - say I get a list of stocks based on (among other things) the last close value of the Fast Stoch on the daily chart. To help narrow the list down further & help me id those ready for possible entry; I'd like to look for those stocks that meet my Fast Stoch criteria on an hourly chart. Possible?

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    gordgord admin
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    Sorry this isn't possible at the present time, the scan engine contains only daily data which supports scans of Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

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    I had a similar situation. The workaround solution I found was to create an hourly Default ChartStyle. Bring up the Daily period scan results and if your scan results are 20 or less symbols, this solution becomes manageable by looking at each symbol separately.


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    edited April 2015
    Thanx Kevo, good idea. Makes sense & I will use that approach as well.
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