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10 day Moving Averages (10 dMA) turning direction scan

As part of a broad scan I need to have an embedded scan that finds 10 dMA's turning up.

I tried building this:

[[SMA (10, close) > SMA (10, 1 days ago close)] and [SMA (10, 1 days ago close) > SMA (10, 2 days ago close)]]]

and it returned nothing.

Is here anyway to build a scan that finds moving averages as they turn up or have a positive slope over the last two or three days?

Thanks in advance,



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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2015
    Try this:

    In order for there to be a turn, you have to test for the 10MA being higher at some point in the past, and then lower at some closer point in the past

    and [sma(10,close) < 2 days ago sma(10,close)]
    and [sma(10, close) > 1 days ago sma(10,close)]

    Note: the terms are a little different than yours (the "days ago" precede the sma term, not inside it).

    This code catches a one day turn up, but since the MA is so short, it might not be a real turn.

    You could play with the "days ago" parameters to get what you want. Maybe 5 and 2?

    Also, since this gets alot of hits, you might want to limit the universe if you aren't already - e.g. [group is sp500] or [close > 20] and [volume > 100000] or whatever.
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    AWESOME. Thanks. It was moving the "1 days ago" to in front of the "SMA" that did the trick.

    Thank you so much

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