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Saving ticker symbols to a favorite list

If I download an SCTR report from, let's say, large cap stocks, and I want to load the top 20 or 30 stock symbols to one of my favorite lists, what is the easiest way to do that?
Thanks in advance


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2015
    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by download a sctr report, but you could do the same thing from a scan:

    [SCTR.large >98]
    rank by SCTR.large

    Just edit the SCTR rank to capture the ones you want.

    If you want only ones from certain sectors or industries, include that, too.

    [SCTR.large >98]
    and [group is ConsumerStaplesSector]
    rank by SCTR.large

    Then save to a list.
  • Thanks for your reply Mrkd. I apologize for not making my question clear.
    Here is my real question: 1) Go to Home page, click on SCTR reports
    2) Choose "small cap stocks"
    3) sort results by column "Change"
    4) Pick the first 20 or 30 results and upload them to a favorite list
    My question is, how do I do #4?

    PS I did try the scan you suggested, but could not achieve my desired results
    Thanks again
  • Not sure why you say it doesn't work.

    Here is the scan for small caps:

    [SCTR.small >98]
    rank by SCTR.small

    The results are in exactly the same order as the canned SCTR report for small caps.

    You do have make sure that both are scanning in the same time frame: either "Intraday" or "Last Market Close"

    You could could change the 98 to something else, 99.3 or 96.8 or whatever, if it gets too many or too few. I don't think you can specify the exact number of hits you want - like 20 hits or 30 hits, but you can always edit the list after you create it if you need a specific number. But if you choose the SCTR rank to use as a cut off from the canned list, that shouldn't be a problem.
  • tinkered with SCTR.small>? and got the results I wanted. Thank you for your help
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