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trouble logging in?

Is anyone else having trouble logging into Stockcharts today? All other websites just fine, my subscription to Stockcharts has many months of life left in it. Can't figure this out. Any help?


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    I think I may have figured out the problem, but I don't know how to fix it. Last night, Javascript asked me to update it, and I (foolishly) hit "agree", and it installed itself. I'm using an old XP computer, and probably the new version of Java messed something up. HOW do I go back to the previous version of Java, so I can log into Stockcharts? Anybody know? Please help!
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    My first thought is to install a different browser. Try installing Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Then try to login using both. Let us know.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2015
    You can try here:

    BUT, (I'm not an expert and I haven't used these links myself, so maybe others will weigh in), you could completely uninstall all versions of Java first,

    (this link is from a Chip Anderson blog)

    then re-install the LATEST version, and see what happens. It could be that the Java upgrade doesn't expect to upgrade in XP so something was overlooked in that environment. That's probably a little less likely in a clean install.

    Then if that doesn't work, uninstall again, and re-install the older version. But as the link page above says, there are security flaws in the older versions. Remember Java is used for lots of things, many of which you would never be aware of.

    Or, if your machine will run newer versions of Windows, upgrade from XP. More of a project, but maybe worthwhile.

    One more thing - it could be your browser and Java have some conflicts. Try a different browser, too, and check that it's the latest version.
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