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Williams %R scan

need help writing scan for Wm%R(30) crossing upward through a 10 period SMA (simple moving average).
Thx in advance

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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2015 Answer ✓
    Here's a step by step. You can adapt it to lots of other custom conditions.

    Go to the advanced scan page.

    In the scan builder section, open the technical indicators drop down

    Slide to the bottom, click on Wm%R, then click insert

    This appears in in the scan criteria window:

    and [Williams %R(14) < -20.0]

    Not exactly what you want, but wait.

    Go back to the technical indicators drop down, and select SMA and insert

    You get this:

    and [SMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    So altogether you have:

    and [Williams %R(14) < -20.0]
    and [SMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    Now you have to edit to get what you want.

    First change the parameters to what you want, Wm%R(30) and the 10 sma average of Wm%R(30)

    and [Williams %R(30) < -20.0]
    and [SMA(10,Williams %R(30)) > 9999999]

    (notice the double parentheses in the second line - the first one is the ending parenthesis of %R, the second is the ending parenthesis of SMA)

    Then get rid of the operators and terms you don't want:

    and [Williams %R(30)]
    and [SMA(10,Williams %R(30))]

    Now put everything on one line, because you are comparing one to the other (notice you have to get rid of the extra square brackets to make the comparison just one expression):

    and [Williams %R(30) SMA(10,Williams %R(30)) ]

    Now you need to choose and operator to compare the two terms. In this case, you want the cross above operator "x" we talked about before. So I'll let you add that in.

    Now click "check syntax" to make sure it's right and you're done.


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    Excellent response Markd, I would also recommend the following article as a starting point for anyone with a desire to learn scanning.

    Then proceed to the many other articles and videos on learning scanning.
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    Thank you again for the excellent work and response. I will try this tonight and I will read the article.
    I may have one more question about operators. I will try it first and let you know.

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