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sorting pre-created chartlists

here's the situation:

i got many, many chartlists and have installed both of arthurs chartpacks so that the lists are divided by those empty dummy lists, titles padded with '==='.

the contents of the chartlists of mine that i am interested in are currently, by default, sorted by name. however, i want to run a 'rank by...' expression to simply sort them in descending order of a particular indicator.

the problem i am having is two-fold: 1. usually to use a chartlist in a scan i'd say "[favorites list is 9]" for example. the first problem is trying to figure out which of the many lists i have is list #9. ideally we'd be able to refer to the list by name eg [favorites list is 'my scan results'] rather than by an index number, but it doesn't look like that's possible. it does not appear that the list number to use in a scan refers to the order of the favorites lists as they appear in the pulldown menu either.

So question 1 is how, without resorting to trial and error, can we figure out a list's index number? i got a feeling its down to the order of creation, and if so that's a real pain in the ass.

the 2nd problem is that when i tried to run the following to sort one of my lists:
[favorites list is 4]
and [Volume > 1000] // dummy clause needed to get it to run
rank by some indicator

it returned only a fraction of the original list's contents in the scan results albeit sorted correctly.

so how can get a completely sorted list and how can i easily choose which list to sort?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2015
    On the advanced scan page:

    From your scan list, open the scan you want to use on your list.

    In the scan builder section below the scan window where your code is, is a drop down called "Chartlists". Open it and slide down. You should see your lists in there somewhere. Click on the one you want, then click insert.

    It will appear in your scan window at the very bottom below all your other code. You may have to scroll down the scan window to the very bottom to see it. Cut and paste it to where it belongs in your scan - probably the first line.

    Do "check syntax".

    Run the scan.

    Should work.

    And you are right - the numbers next to the list are not necessarily in order. A list gets a number when you create it and it keeps that number until you delete it. So if you never deleted any lists, they would probably remain in order. But if you create several lists, then delete a couple, the numbers for those deleted lists become available to number a new list. So eventually, the numerical designations will not correspond to their placement in your collection of lists. I'm pretty sure you could use the number shown next to your list, but the select and insert method is probably faster and less error prone.
  • thanks very much!
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