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Weekly OHLC updating daily with current cumulative prices

Is there a way to view the weekly OHLC as it progresses though out the week updated on a daily bases in I've seen this occur when viewing BATS from As the week progresses, the weekly OHLC changes each day with the cumulative OHLC prices. The last trading day of the week is the final OHLC carried forward.

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  • gordgord admin
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    Yes just set up your chart on a weekly basis. Here's a simple chart style and some examples of how the last weekly bar changes day to day thru the week.

    Tuesdays chart

    Wednesdays chart

  • markdmarkd mod
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    Hi @wdsmolinski , in the weekly time frame, the inspector shows the first day of the week, not the last. So for this week, it is April 20, which was Monday. the chart date in the upper left corner tells you the current day (Thursday, 4/23).

    If you want to review past weeks, you can use the "Select Start/End date" on the chart workbench under "Chart Attributes", "Range".


  • Thank you for the info. In your examples, I noticed that the OHLC are changing each day as the week progresses. However, when I select "inspect" the crosshairs appear and the data box opens but the date does not change to reflect the current date, but the previous week close date.
  • The date indicated on the Inspect databox should show the date when the bar opens (ie. Monday of each week). Should be 20th on the last bar.
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