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adx below plus and minus di line

Trying to get a scan where[ adx line(14) <15] , and plus di(14) OR minus di(14) is 5 or less above the adx line.
This is based on Dr. Elder's directional system. Which worked very well on IWM last week.


  • I've spread out the lines a little bit to make the syntax with the "or" operator a little clearer.
    Basically, you put a pair of brackets around all the terms of the "or" condition. In this case there are two terms, but you could have more. Basically the "extra" brackets say, if any of the phrases between these brackets are true, pick that symbol. Note that only one of them HAS to be true, but ALL of them COULD be true. If you want one or the other, but not both to be true, it gets more complicated.

    and [ADX Line(14) < 15]



    [Plus DI(14) <= ADX Line(14) + 5]


    [Minus DI(14) <=ADX Line(14) + 5]

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