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where to find values/arguments a ticker property can accept

after watching gords presentation today it got me thinking:

if such a thing exists on the site i have not yet found it, but one of the things that would massively improve the scanning experience is having a -complete- list of the acceptable values a scannable parameter can have.

to be clear, in the advanced scan workbench, i can choose from 'ticker properties' the parameter 'type'. but i want to find out what are -all- of the acceptable arguments that 'type' can accept, eg stock, index etc.

for 'symbol' of course we got the symbol catalog but for the other scannable properties eg 'region', there has to be a way of finding out what all choices for that parameter are (and of course how to type it correctly!)

so where can i find a complete list for all non-boolean ticker properties' parameters?


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