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How to add additional stuff to scan results and also sort the output

Below is my scan for all the stocks that closed 5% above yesterday's close. In the scan results,
1) I also want to show the percentage change from yesterdays's close, and
2)sort the output based on the above percentage change

How would I do that?

[type = stock]
AND [country is US]
AND [exchange is not OTCMKT]
and [group is not ETF]
AND [Close > 1]
AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 500000]
and [today's close > yesterday's close * 1.05]


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    Just add the following line at the end:

    rank by PctChange(1,close)

    When you view the results, they will be sorted by the per cent change from the previous close. The last column shows the per cent change.
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