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Default SharpChart with a ChartList

When I click the "10/page" option for a particular ChartList, I continue to have the charts for the list shown in an old default view. The only way to get these charts to show in the current default that I have created is to click on a chart/symbol within the ChartList and once it appears on screen (in the old default view) I then have to click my current default view button to have it show in the current default SharpChart.

So the question is:

How do I get all my charts within all my ChartLists to automatically show in the default SharpChart that I have created when I access those charts from with a ChartList?


  • When you change your default view, it gets applied to all charts you are viewing for the first time.

    But SC does not assume that you want to apply the default view all the time. For instance, your default view my be daily, but you may have lists that you want to save in a weekly or monthly style. When you view those, you want to see them as they were saved, not in the default view.

    So, when you change your default view, if you want to permanently assign that view to previously saved lists, you have to open the list, click on a chart to bring it to the chart workbench, apply the default style, then slide down to the bottom and click "Apply style to all". Now the next time you open this list it will be in the style you saved - in this case your new default.

  • Thank you markd. I had exactly same problem ahutch25 had. Im new to this forum and think it is a great idea on where to go first.
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