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20 day moving average Stochastic Chart

Is it possible to customize a stochastic chart? Specifically, I'm looking for the 20 day moving average on the 10 and/or 30 year treasury.


  • If you have the right subscription level (maybe Extra), on the Chart Workbench you will see an "Advanced Options" icon next to the Indicators heading (below Chart Attributes and Overlays).

    If you click on that icon, you will see a column for "overlays". Click the drop down that corresponds to your stochastic indicator choice and select "simple moving average" or "exp(onential) moving average".
  • I am not sure why you are calling it a Stochastic Chart. If you plot a Treasury Bond, it would be called a price chart and the Stochastic Oscillator would be an indicator in the indicator panel.

    Your question sounds like you want to drop a Moving Average of the Treasury Bond on the price chart. :|
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