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Filtering on price historically

What I am trying to do is fairly simple, but I can't seem to find out how to. I just want stock prices that have risen 10% over the last month. Like current price > monthagoPrice *1.10 or something like that or if I wanted to go back a week, two weeks, ect.



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    markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2015
    well you practically have it - the logic is right, you just need the syntax.

    On the advanced scan page, use the drop downs in the scan builder section to add phrases into the scan window, then edit them for your specific need.

    so you want:

    and [close > 21 days ago close * 1.1]

    Notice "price" is not available in the drop down, so you have to use high or low or close.

    The "21 days ago" part you would not get from the drop downs. You have to spend some time with the documentation and the videos to pick up those modifiers and the syntax - which is not too long or complicated.

    The documentation is here (also accessible from the "Instructions" link at the bottom of the advanced scan page):

    also check out the videos on scanning

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    Awesome! Thanks for the reply.
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