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S&P/TSX composite index

anyone out there been watching the S&P/TSX composite index?

for a course assignment i need to study the S&P/TSX composite index for 2015 and identify key support and resistance levels, key short term and long term trends and key chart patterns. in addition i must provide a recommendation (long or short TSX) and its timeframe based on tech analysis, indicated target entry and exit points and what specific security one would buy or sell to take advantage of my recommendation. i am brand new to this and need a sounding board outside of my instructor. if your personality leans towards teaching and you want an oportunity to develop these skills, please accept my request to guide me thru the steps to understand how to do this! i would really appreciate the help and assistance.


  • To get started, if you haven't done so already, spend some time with Chart School on, especially the topics listed under "The Basics".

    I'm not a $TSX follower, but there may be others in the forum who are. Hopefully they will stop by.

  • KevoKevo
    edited May 2015
    You should be doing all the heavy lifting on your own. Is that not the purpose of college classes? We can try to help with a specific question, or if something does not make sense.

    Here is the best tip I can think of from an InterMarket perspective: Canada is a commodity exporter. So, it is closely tied to Commodities. Commodities are inversely related to the US Dollar, etc.
  • Of course you can get a TSX quote simply by using the symbol XIU.TO or $SPT60C ... The best way to learn support and resistance would be a subscriber to the market message then you could see how two masters at this, Arthur Hill and John Murphy do that. Or buy one of Johns books, might even be at your local library. But if you insist on riding for free, you can also Google freeonlinetradingeducation and listen daily to Dez, but honestly if you plan to do this for a living, it is worth paying here to hear the experts.
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