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Is it possible to chart gold in Canadian dollars?

Is there a way to chart gold in CAD in stockcharts? Thx in advance!


  • Here is gold in USD:

    Here is Gold adjusted for the Canadian Dollar:

    Normally the ":" operator is Price Relative. Used in this way, I know that you can say it like this: "gold adjusted for the Canadian Dollar". Maybe @gord can comment on the validity of this and the correct interpretation.

    I know that $GOLD is inversely related to the $USD and Treasury Yields, not $CAD. So, I don't know the usefulness of this.
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    Gold goes up if the Australian Dollar goes up or the UUP (U.S. Dollar) goes down. Canadian Dollar tracks Oil stock. Canadian Dollar goes up, Oil goes up. You can use FXA for Australian dollar. FXC for Canadian dollar.
  • $SPTGD is the TSX spot gold price, I assume that is a cdn $ quote.
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