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Chart annotations move when they are saved. Are there any solutions in sight or is this a permanent feature?


  • Here is one of my comments from a previous post:
    I suspect that you may be having a similar problem as I did a long time ago that is annotations are not consistent meaning they move, etc.

    By too big, I mean that the size of the chart itself is too big for annotations to stay consistent. Annotations themselves may be too big. Big charts have lots of bars (data), lots of calculations from indicators, and too many moving parts for annotations.

    By too much, I mean there may be too many annotations, too many indicators, too many bars, too much data for annotations to stay consistent. Think of it as overwhelming for the poor annotations.

    Annotations work best when there is smaller and less. This is what I am trying to get you to try.

    Try the SCC Default ChartStlye with 2 indicators, and no more than 2 or 3 annotations. I would even lower the size to less than 900 like 700 - 900. Do this for testing annotations. Let us know how it goes.

    Please see this post for reference: Why do annotations move on my charts after the charts are saved?
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