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Williams AD

I use the Williams AD in one of my strategies. Since SC does not use WAD as an indicator, I am looking for a similar indicator on SC.



  • KevoKevo
    edited May 2015
    The AD in Williams AD is Accumulation/Distribution. I found two calculations for Williams AD. The first does not use volume. The second does use volume. I will assume Williams AD does not use volume.

    I think any Accumulation/Distribution type indicator should use volume. At least, that is what I have learned by using

    The closest indicators on SCC is the On Balance Volume indicator, and Accumulation/Distribution indicator. These two are volume based, wheres Williams AD is not volume based.

    The next best thing I can think of is looking at breadth measurements like major index or sector Advance/Decline lines.
  • Thanks for your help. I have been using the AD in SC but it is somewhat different as you pointed out. I have also heard that the OBV is something to look at as a substitute for the WAD. I am going to test it. Again, thanks for your help. Mike
  • Sure. Just one more thought. I consider volume based Accumulation/Distribution and Divergence to be two separate TA metrics. They are just two of many. Even though they are important, they are ranked lower in importance than many of the other metrics.
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