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Arthur Hill's 3 Step Setup

In a recent webinar Arthur Hill showed his 3 step trading setup with the following conditions:

1. Condition: PPO (25,125,1) is positive
2. Setup: RSI 10 moves below 40
3. Trigger: StochRSI 10 surges above .95

Art said this would be an easy scan to setup but didn't include the scan in the webinar.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • Here is what I have for the scan. Scans return results for further inspection. You may want to add global filters at top like [type=stock], country, and volume filters.

    The first clause is checking trend. The second clause checks to see that RSI(10) has been at or below 40 for the last 3 days and the current day. You can experiment and take out the first half of the second clause and/or change RSI(10) to RSI(14). The reason I did this is because the setup is a condition and not a signal in itself. Here are the clauses:

    and [PPO Line(25,125,1) > 0.0]

    and [yesterday's Max(3,RSI(10)) <= 40.0] and [today's RSI(10) <= 40.0]

    and [Stoch RSI(10) x 0.95]
  • To understand: The third clause reads as Stoch RSI(10) crosses the 0.95 line. It is not a multiplier, correct?
  • @quikcoin yes that is correct. The x operator means "crosses above".

    Thus, in this case, the computed value of Stoch RSI(10) has crossed above the value of 0.95.
  • Thank you for the scan.
    I tweaked it a little here because the RSI 10 doesn't have to be below 40 when the trigger happens:
    [type is stock]
    and [PPO Line(25,125,1) > 0.0]
    and [yesterday's Max(3,RSI(10)) image
  • The image covered up the scan:
    [type is stock]
    and [PPO Line(25,125,1) > 0.0]
    and [yesterday's Max(3,RSI(10)) <= 40.0]
    and[yesterday's Max (3,Stoch RSI(10)) <=0.5]
    and [Stoch RSI(10) x 0.85]

    From the Apple chart above you can see how the setup and trigger work.
    The RSI 10 doesn't have to be below 40 as a condition for the trigger.
    Don't know if there is a way to make the scan more effective based on the conditions.
    The scan doesn't get to many results - which may be just the overall market condition at this time.
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