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Percent Change Tool Text Height - How Adjust?

How can I enlarge percent text height when using the Percent Change Tool?

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    I see what you are talking about. The inspector does the same thing. The answer is no I do not think so. I tried holding down CTRL and Shift.

    A workaround is to drop a text box nearby and type in the value from the tool.


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    Are you talking about the inspector in the SharpCharts workbench? It cannot be adjusted. It is small, but easily readable.
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    The percent text height found in Annotation below Support-Resistance icon - can it's height be increased a tad?
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    Thanks, Kevo. That is exactly what I do. However, I stopped doing that and just squint at the screen.
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    Just thought of this... You can also increase the browser zoom temporarily. Most browsers have a quick way of doing that. I do that sometimes.
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