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include SCTR > 79 AND stocks without SCTR

scanners, how to i filter sctrs for stocks above 90 while INCLUDING stocks that have no listed SCTR?? THANKS


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    This is a good question. How do you scan for symbols that do not have an SCTR? Help anyone?

    and [SCTR > 90]

    This includes all market caps and ETFs.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2015
    There might be a better way to do it, but here's one way. It's a little complicated with the "or" statements. Watch your brackets.

    Also, you have to limit the results somehow because there are ALOT of stocks that don't have a sctr ranking. I used sector and market cap here, but you could add or substitute some combination of indicator readings, too, probably. I think market cap is good because it gets stocks that might be similar to stocks that do have sctrs, and eliminates the micro caps that don't get sctrs and could be junk.

    If you add exchanges, like India, check if there is a sctr for that exchange (in the dropdown on the advanced scan page) and add it to the sctr != list.

    // begin scan


    [sctr > 79]


    [ [exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD]]

    and [sctr != sctr.large]
    and [sctr != sctr.mid]
    and [sctr != sctr.small]
    and [sctr !=]


    //additional conditions

    and [group is FinancialSector]

    and [market cap > 10,000]

    // etc.

    // end scan
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    Wow! Excellent work @markd !
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