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Indicator based on Issued # of shares

Does anyone know of an price & volume based indicator indicator, such as MFI or Accum/Distribution etc., based on the % of ISSUED shares a stock trades for a given period. The % of a co's outstanding shares are which changing hands would be an extra piece of useful info. I think. Thanks everyone


  • I don't know of an indicator that does that. You can get a pretty good idea by dividing the volume for the period you are interested in by the float. The average per cent would probably vary a lot by the market cap of the stock - small active stocks would probably trade a larger per cent of the float and it might vary more over time. For very large stocks the per cent of the float traded daily would be very small and and the variations probably not be meaningful. What might be interesting would be the length of time required for the float to turn over. I looked at Verizon - it appears to be about 1.2 years. I would imagine for some active small stocks the number might be a matter of months. The float number is available on Yahoo Finance if you want to play with it (and probably other places, too).
  • Thank You markd. Finviz has float # also. It's in a column with issued shares and also info on shares short. I agree with your comments about large cap etc. I think this could be particularly useful for small cap ideas
  • So I wondering how you are thinking this might work. Would you expect a turning point when OBV or A/D or Chaiken, etc. reach the float number, or some fraction or multiple of it?
  • You are probably looking for the woods cumulative volume float indicator and/or the precision profit float indicator. However I do not know where you will find them.
  • Hi markd..I was thinking along lines like that. Mostly I just want to get access to it and spend some time fiddling to see if it's useful in practice.
  • Thanks ST. Uh oh..if you can't find it, I doubt I will. I'll try anyway.
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