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P&F Chart settings

How can one display intra-day P&F charts instead of just daily or weekly?


  • At the top of the page, in the middle, where it says "Create Chart", open the drop down and select P&F Chart and enter the symbol. If you have symbols in a list, P&F is an option to the right of the chart in 10 per page view.

    Either method takes you to the P&F chart workbench.

    At the top of the page is a drop down for Period. There are several intraday time frame selections there.

    If you don't have a subscription, you may not see these options.
  • gordgord admin
    I'm not a P&F expert, but I do use them and thought I would add a few comments.

    As Markd said there is a drop down for the price period, I just checked and free members have the daily or weekly option. Paid members have the option for intra-day, daily, weekly or monthly.

    Now the first thing we need to remember is P&F charts do not have a linear horizontal time frame. The progression of columns of "O" and "X" boxes is purely based on price change. If the price change is slow then the time between new boxes or column changes can be weeks of months without a new box being drawn on the chart. If the price change is fast, new boxes and columns can be drawn in just a few days.

    Thus the best way to look at shorter or longer time frames on a P&F chart is to change the reversal size, the box price size and price period.

    Here's an in-depth article on the subject, found under the ChartSchool section on P&F charts, it really does an excellent job covering this subject.
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