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US Dollar

Is there a way to get a live streaming dollar chart?


  • Still not sure if it can be done on StockCharts, but I did find a live chart on Investing(dot)com.

  • There is a way to accomplish what you want on SCC. However, "live streaming dollar chart" would be incorrect terminology to describe it. Let me explain:

    $USD is an index that is EOD only. You want something that has intraday data. UUP is an ETF that tracks the USD. ETFs are intraday capable. You can set UUP on auto refresh at 15,30, or 60 seconds for any scale (period).

    If I remember correctly, you are not a member yet. This would be a great time to sign up for basic service:
  • Kevo, interesting. Thought the DXM5 index was something that could be traded. Oh well. I'm not looking to trade the dollar...just wanted to keep up with the trend due to some potential oil plays.
    Sounds like the UUP will give similar signals on a percentage basis.

    BTW, I am a member. B)
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