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Trend, 10 wk ema of percent price change

I have a working Metastock exploration formula Mov((ROC(C,1,%)),10,E) > 1 ........... for a 10 week EMA of Percent Change when greater than 1%......... but would like a Stockcharts scan. Can anyone help as I keep getting incorrect syntax and could not parse?

[type = stock]
and [group is SP500]
and [Weekly EMA(10,(Weekly PctChange(1,close)) > 1 ]

and then I want to Rank the symbols (>1%) by their 10 week EMA of Percent Change.


  • This is what I came up with. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for. This looks like an interesting scan:

    and [PctChange(1,Weekly EMA(10,Close)) > 1]

    rank by [PctChange(1,Weekly EMA(10,Close))]
  • It looks like Weekly needs to be added to the two PctChange functions. I was wondering where all of the Nasdaq small cap growth was at.
  • Thanks for your feedback........I have done some more tinkering and this solution works.....

    and [Weekly EMA (10,Weekly ROC (1)) > 1]

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