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Why do my scans come up with some stocks with SCTR ratings listed. They are listed on the scan report , but when I pull up the daily charts for those stocks and check detailed quote, there is no SCTR value listed at the top of the chart ? Example... EA and HZNP . Why doesn't the SCTR rating show at the top of the daily chart ?



  • You are correct. I did a scan for SCTR.large >90 and EA is there. I went to the chart, added "Full Quote" and the SCTR is blank.

    Looks like a data error. Take a picture of the chart with no SCTR value and send it to Support.
  • The SCTR in the full quote option is the best/easiest way to know what market cap the symbol is in. It is helpful. Otherwise, I would have to go to Yahoo/Google Finance for that.

    You could add SCTR as an indicator. This does not provide the market cap, however.

    The SCTR full quote option is now corrected.
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