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POSSIBLE TO have few columns of data uppdating WITH 15 SECOND REFRESH IN THE SUMMARY PAGE?

I want a scan which takes a basket of stocks i.e. the market
and then in the summary section shows
company name and industry
price, price change, % change
todays volume
30day average volume
RSI 5 day

what formula would i use and can i actually get these columns so i see the volume info updating as well as the RSI data updating?


  • It appears the results page for a scan does not offer a refresh option and the summary format for a list does not include indicator readings.

    The pro level subscription allows a five second refresh for lists in summary format for the columns it does display. The extra or extra rt level may allow a fifteen second refresh. Check the drop down if you subscribe at one of those levels.

    You could submit your idea to support for consideration.
  • KevoKevo
    edited June 2015
    Here are 2 ideas to see RSI easily:

    1. From Summary format, switch to MarketCarpet format, select RSI and now you see color coded RSI.

    2. From Summary format, switch to CandleGlance format, select RSI. Now you can sort by RSI.
  • KevoKevo
    edited June 2015
    EXTRA memberships do have 15 second auto refresh on Summary format.
  • dear kevo
    i am a member and have the refresh....the rsi isnt customisable. thats what i was really i can monitor it rising and falling
  • Hi shammyx1,

    You can customize RSI in CandleGlance and then sort by RSI. You can also create your own CandleGlance view. Just create a small ChartStyle and name it "CandleGlance". You could overlay a faster RSI over a slower RSI in the indicator panel; for example, RSI(5) on top of RSI(14).

    RSI cannot be changed in MarketCarpet, but you can see color coded changes easily by switching the days and range you look at.
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