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I am fairly new to StochCharts and really new to writing scans. I posted this as a question but did not know if that was correct so I decide to post here also.
I would like to write a scan that would find a stocks high during the last 100 days and then tell me how many days ago that happened.

For further clarification it might be something like this. [100-(number of days since high during the last 100 days)

I appreciate any and all help.



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2015
    The scan engine only returns symbols, not numbers, so you would have to put your query another way.

    So for instance, if you want symbols where the high 20 days ago was the highest high in, say 60 days, you would write

    and [max(20, close) = max(60, close)]

    The scan engine assumes you have a set-up in mind, and want to find examples of that set-up. That's why it's built to return symbols. The question you have asked could be answered using a spreadsheet, though, if you are pretty good with Excel (or equivalent) formulas.

    Scanning often requires that you think of several different ways to ask the same question (meaning, find a set-up). Sometimes you realize the question you really want to ask is very different from the one you started with (that is, your set-up has more or fewer conditions than you realized at first).

    I strongly suggest, if you are not familiar with scanning, that you watch the videos and read the tutorials on writing scans first, just to learn how it's done, before you try to write your own. Sort of like learning to play the piano - first you learn to play what others have written, then you write your own stuff when you have learned their tricks.
  • Thanks for your input and advice. I have watched all the video's and have studied the examples on SC. I do see however, from your reply, that additional study and experimentation might be needed.

    Thanks Again for your reply,

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