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Scanning to find high relative strength stock

Hi ,
I am new to this forum. I am looking for a scan which will show all stocks when the relative strength of a stock( AAPL: SPX) crossed the 50 day moving average of ( AAPL: SPX). I will appreciate your help.




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    AAPL:SPX is a ratio. This is called Price Relative. Price Relative is a different concept than Relative Strength. Price Relative measures out-performance or under-performance usually against a benchmark. Relative Strength shows strength of a symbol by ranking it versus others in a group.

    It is not possible to scan for Price Relative, but you can scan for Relative Strength using SCTRs.

    I like the idea of scanning for Price Relative crossing a Moving Average, but unfortunately that is not possible.

    A Relative Strength scan using SCTRs looks like this:

    and [SCTR > 90]

    You can optionally specify a universe or group.

    Here's a link to SCTRs in Chart School:
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    Thank you for your feedback...
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