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Perf Chart rename of Sectors?

I am creating a Perf Chart for each of the sectors in the $SPX. Some time ago I saw an article that showed how to rename the labels so that they were more clear. I want to make a chart for my subscribers showing the current performance of each sector, but I want the label to say, for example, 'XLE - Energy,’ XLF - Financial,' etc., so that it is easily clear for those readers who don’t know the ticker. Does anyone know how to do this or can you direct me to the renaming article I can no longer find? Thank you!


  • If you want just Price Performance, you could use SharpCharts for that. Just change the type of chart to Price Performance. If you need Relative Price Performance, type in 2 symbols in the create a chart separated by a comma were the first one is the benchmark. This can be saved to a ChartList and can be labeled.

    SharpCharts allows you to add labels.
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