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Getting the SCTR report for 20 to 30 days( Which we see in the stockchart home page) with a SCAN


Can somebody help me to create a SCAN which will give me the SCTR report ( include, Stock symbol, industry, sector, sctr) for 30 to 40 days? I will then export this to excel and do some data analysis. I dont want to export this report everyday from


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2015
    The scan engine returns only symbols, so you can't do exactly what you have described.

    If it helps, the SCTR Line indicator gives you a pretty good idea of what happens to the SCTR on an individual chart as price changes. If you are research-oriented, it would make a pretty good project to determine whether it's profitable to enter a stock when the SCTR crosses above 20, for instance. I know this is pretty contrary to the advertised use for SCTRs, but it seems promising.

    Just anecdotally, it seems to me that for many stocks, after a cross above 90, the run is almost done - from a longer term point of view. Often there are still shorter term trades left, but watch out for distribution. On the other hand there is a minority of high quality stocks that remain near or above 90 for months, even years on end.

    The safest shorter term trades seem to be 10 or 21 day lows in strongly up trending stocks - the ones that have charts where price comes in at the lower left corner and goes out on at the upper right corner without much traveling in between - where price at those lows is above the rising intermediate MA (50 or 63), and rising intermediate MA above the rising long term MA (200 or 251). Stocks like that will typically have pretty good SCTRs.

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    Thank you !
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