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Is this the right way to scan for Pocket Pivots? Key volume requirements don't seem to work


I found several mentions of the scan parameters below for pocket pivots. An important requirement of this setup is that the last day's up volume is higher than any down day's volume in the past 10 days. Scan results bring up stocks that do have higher volume on recent down days. Am I missing something or is there a better way to scan for it? Thank you!!!

// Only scan leading stocks
[type = stock]
and [SMA(40,volume) > 500000]
and [SMA(40,close) > 10]
and [close > SMA(200,close)]

// Today's volume should be larger than the highest down volume day over the prior 10 days
and [volume > 1 days ago volume * 1 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(1 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 2 days ago volume * 2 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(2 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 3 days ago volume * 3 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(3 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 4 days ago volume * 4 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(4 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 5 days ago volume * 5 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(5 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 6 days ago volume * 6 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(6 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 7 days ago volume * 7 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(7 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 8 days ago volume * 8 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(8 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 9 days ago volume * 9 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(9 days ago ROC(1)) * -1]
and [volume > 10 days ago volume*10 days ago ROC(1) / AbsVal(10 days ago ROC(1))* -1]

// Prices just moved above 10 or 50 day SMA
and [[close x SMA(10,close)] or [close x SMA(50,close)]]


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2015
    I took a shot at this, but I can't figure out what's wrong with it.

    I tried eliminating the Absval and *-1, and it gets good results, but that's the same as [volume > 1 day ago max(10, volume)]. That doesn't allow for higher up day volume bars, which are legal.

    I'll fiddle some more when I can.
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    I'm experiencing the same problem as the OP, ie the Result Set includes stocks that have a higher volume down day within the last 10 days than the latest bar.

    In addition, I tried using Force(1) instead of ROC(1) and got a slightly different Result Set which shouldn't happen since Force(1) and ROC(1) should have the same positive or negative sign for a given bar.

    Odd indeed. Any assistance is appreciated.
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