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New 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 resolution monitors - how resolve small font problem?

Typical LCD monitors are 1920 x 1080, but new monitors with 2560 x 1440 and 3840 x 2160 resolution are available. Probably, the new larger monitors will permit additional charts to be displayed due to their greater real estate.

It seems to me that the very small fonts (4 pt?) used by StockCharts will get smaller in these new monitors and thus be harder to read. Has anyone real world experience using these new monitors? If so, how have you resolved my goal of not making the font size any smaller than that displayed in a 1920x1080 mionitor?



  • I don't have one of the new monitors, so maybe I shouldn't answer the question, but if you have Windows you can modify the screen resolution and adjust the text size. On Windows 7 those options are under Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Adjust Screen resolution. I'm sure Apple products have something similar.
  • I have similar theory, but this will be such a big issue in the future, it should be addressed by StockCharts. My first feeling was that perhaps someone has real world experience in this and can indicate pros and cons he/she has found out.
  • Well I just amped up my chart size to 2500 (not screen resolution) and I see what you mean - the text size remains the same. Windows also has a Magnifier, but that's not a real solution either. Have you talked to support about adding a text size option to chart workbench? It wouldn't happen right away, but since many of us are getting on, I would think they would realize the demand for it could be there.
  • Dang, you're good. Of course, this is the solution, Poor StockCharts needs to add 2 options for these larger resolution monitors (they are the future?).

  • I do this a lot: use the browser's zoom function temporarily to see something up close. Most browsers have a quick way to change zoom.

    I prefer smaller size charts regardless of the desktop resolution, unless I want to look at historical prices temporarily.
  • I did not know that you can change size of charts using just the browser, so thank you for this great lead to probably solving the problem (until StockCharts adds 2 viewing options to their charts).

    If you divide 2560 by 1920, you get 1.33%, and if you divide 3840 by 1920, you get 2.0%. I cannot certify that my Firefox browser has these exact multiples, but any step in the right direction would be helpful. So, I am deducing that one need not fear getting one of these larger resolution monitors and using the Firefox keyboard commands (Control + =/-) to change chart size (a slight time burden).

    The only hang up for me now is to guess the cost/benefit of potentially getting more charts to be displayed vs. the higher cost of these new monitors.

    Everyone, thank you for your input.

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