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Can a bar chart showing the return of one equity minus the return of another be done in SC?

I found a chart and I want to make one like it using my own tickers. This chart shows bars by year of the Russell 2000 Value Index returns minus Russell 2000 Growth Index returns. I’m wondering if it can be done in Stockcharts? See attached image. Thanks folks!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2015
    I don't think so.

    That looks a lot like an Excel chart. You could probably get the raw data needed to do a chart like that from SC, but it would be up to you to create the chart from it.
  • Thanks mark
  • I would like to take a shot at this.

    Even though your chart cannot be replicated as shown on SCC, there are some alternatives.

    Your chart looks like a Performance Chart where the performance of R2K Growth was subtracted from the performance of R2K Value. So, if Value outperformed Growth, then a positive bar would show above the zero line. If R2K Growth outperformed R2K Value, then a negative bar would show below the zero line.

    One of the best ways to see if something is outperforming something else is to use Price Relative like this.... $RUJ:$RUO then add a MA like 20 EMA.

    Another way and the best way is to use the Performance Workbench, or Interactive PerfCharts. You can get to the Performance Workbech by typing $RUJ,$RUO in the create a chart box. You can manually compare the two by seeing which one is above the other. You could also use Relative Price Performance and subtract both from a benchmark like $SPX.

    A third way is to create an area SharpChart and drop the second one as an area behind the main window. See main window below.

    I was experimenting with $RUJ-$RUO as a histogram. I don't think it's useful.

    I tried Price Performance $RUJ-$RUO, but that's not so useful either because if the second one is negative, it gets added to the first instead of subtracted.

  • On SharpCharts, I think the best way to make comparisons is to use ROC (advanced indicator overlay) and PPO. Also add Price Performance for both.

    In the Interactive PerfCharts, switching to Histogram mode, then right-click and select past month is the closest you can get to your chart.
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