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Help with Bollinger Band Scan

Is there any way to scan for stocks using Bollinger Band Squeeze setups where today's band width is at the lowest level in 6 months? I have found that using a percentage of the 6 month band width does not consistently produce stocks with today's lowest band width value. It can produce stocks with values at or lower within that period, which violates the squeeze play criteria. Anyone have a better idea?


  • Hello joel,
    markd helped me with this a few years ago.

    At the time, I was looking for tight Bollinger Band Width -- near it's 52 Week low.
    Change the timeframe from Weekly to Daily; or use multiple timeframes.

    Adding a (shorter-term) "trigger" entry signal, would be nice.
    (maybe someone could help with adding that...)


    Bollinger Band Width at or near it's 52 week low::
    -- Here's the weekly version of AT its 52 week low

    and [weekly BB Width(20,2) = min(52, weekly BB Width(20,2))]

    -- Here's the weekly BB Width is within five per cent of the narrowest point in the past 52 weeks
    and [weekly BB Width(20,2) < min(52, weekly BB Width(20,2)) *1.05]

    Play with the 1.05 to change the percentage.
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