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Anyone Have Any Successful Daytrading Scans? - old s.c.a.n.


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    edited July 2014
    There may be good comments and suggestions under this topic. However, the first thing all should know is that the scan engine does not allow intraday periods - only daily and weekly.
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    In all due respect, Kevo, you are a little late in thinking scan does not allow intraday periods: One may receive personalised REAL-TIME alerts, through email, of his/her customised scans.
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    ta4u, I am glad you brought this up. Yes, you do get a real-time alert at the moment a scan triggers anytime during market hours. Keep in mind that this is still for daily and weekly periods, not intraday periods. Getting a real-time alert during market hours for a daily or weekly period is not an intraday scan.

    P.S. I believe there is a limit to the number of symbols in one Technical Alert that allow real-time alerts. Maybe up to three to five? Also, I think you have to use the symbol syntax for this to work. Otherwise, you will get them before market open and after market close.
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    This is semantics, Kevo... First, no need to enter a precise symbol. You get an alert for symbol matching any result you have written a formula for, up to 5 scans, you are right. Now is the alert intraday, I like to consider as is, as the alert is produced at the time (intraday) it corresponds to your formula.
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    Ta4u, it sounds like you use technical alerts often. If so, do you sometimes not get alerts in a timely fashion?
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