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Can you change the signal lines in RSI Indicator?

Can you change the signal lines to 90 and 10 when putting an RSI on the Chart or does it have to remain 70 and 30?


  • You cannot change the signal lines at 70 and 30, but you can add new ones. In the indicator advanced overlay section, add a Horizontal Line, then for arguments add 90,10

    RSI in general, especially RSI(14), is a slower Overbought/Oversold indicator than other OB/OS indicators. Signals at 90 and 10 sound real rare. If you are using a period less than 14, then it may be a different story. Just note that if you change too many things, you might be the only one getting signals, which may not be helpful because of whipsaws; so be careful.
  • You can change the overbought /oversold lines as follows:
    Select RSI with your desired timeframe (14 is default). Make opacity equal to zero. In the secondary indicator window, select SMA(1).
    Place a second example of RSI behind your first one with opacity again set to zero. In the secondary indicator, put horizontal lines (example 90,10). This will give you RSI with 90 and 10 lines
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