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MACD Histogram scan

I have to do more homework but when I use the chart school example I received 9 hit where it crossed the signal line


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    OK. I ran that, too, just now. Can you specify the symbol and the date where the crossover occurred? Maybe a couple of examples.
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    edited August 2015
    Like on ticker AWAY. When it pops above the signal lineimage
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    Or a Histogram scan where I could have found COTY at yesterday's close.
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    OK, I'm going to guess you mean either MACD Hist crosses above the zero line, or, MACD Line crosses above MACD Signal, which are the same thing. From the AWAY example, I take it you mean the first. So here it is:

    [group is sp500]
    and [MACD Hist(12,26,9) x 0]

    This won't get you COTY because it crossed several days ago. But to get hits from prior sessions, adjust the scan date with the drop down calendar above the advanced scan window. Click on the "0" in "Starting 0 days before..."

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    Thanks MARKD
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