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Chaikin Money Flow - CMF

Can anyone here help me create a scan that brings up stocks with 30 continuous days of CMF between 0 and .5?
SCTR above 75 would be great too.


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    You probably want to use the max() and min() functions. So, max(30, ...) <.5 and min(30, ...) > 0.
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    So I would need to contsruct that myself. There is no template, right?
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    I watched the SC tutorials looking for directions on how to:

    Scan for CMF which has been above 20 for the last 30 days
    added to that in a perfect world i would like to find that same stock with an RSI of 45.

    Some stocks examples are= USCR and TREE

    If I can make this scan rather then looking through 100's of stocks it potentially can make some decent money as can be seen by the two examples given.

    So far the tutorials haven't shown me all I need to know.
    Can you help?

    many thanks!

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    The tutorials can't cover every possible variation that people can think of, so if you have a scan idea that isn't built in, you have to construct it yourself.

    From the tutorial, you would know that phrases have to be enclosed in brackets, [ ], so for instance [close > 10]. You would also know that if you have more than one phrase, every phrase after the first one begins with "and", so,

    [type = stock]
    and [close > 10]

    You can replace an element like "close" with an indicator, so,

    [type =stock]
    and [MACD Line(12,26,9) > 10]

    You can find all the legal terms (except some functions, explained in the Instructions link) to construct your phrases from the drop downs under the scan builer window on the advanced scan page.

    You might not pick up how to use the max() and min() functions from the videos, which is why I explained them above.

    So, to build the specific phrases you want, select the CMF indicator from the drop down, put the max() function around it (so the CMF indicator goes where the ... are in the first answer above), then test it with the "check syntax" button.

    When you get it working, add the min() phrase.

    If you get stuck, post what you have.

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    Thanks,I've been trying, the syntax was OK but something is wrong with my search construction.
    Going way for a 5 day vacation so back to it in a week.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2015
    OK. If it doesn't come to you, post what you have (the scan code) vs. what you want (plain English) and we'll work on it.

    Of course, sometimes, when you see the results for what you think you want, you realize that what you really want is something different - or you need something more complicated to filter out the bad hits. That happens a lot.
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