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RSI under 10

I have written the following to find stocks that have a RSI(2) that trades for 3 days consecutively under RSI (10) as follows
[max(3,rsi(2))<min(3,rsi(10))] but when i check against the charts it is not correct.
Can some one let whats wrong with it please.



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    I ran it against [group is sp500] and got 46 hits. I reviewed about 20 of them and they seem to be correct. Some have RSI(2) under RSI(10) for longer than 3 days, but they all seem to be under for at least 3 days.

    Do you have some symbols where it's not under for 3 days?

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    Thanks. I will scan and see if i can get anything
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    hey. Where do you put this code to get Scan.
    I am new to this forum, your help will be appreciated.
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