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Change y-axis (price scale)

Can I change the y-axis on SharpCharts? Noticed that overlaying "Price (same scale)" with value set to "$ONE" creates a horizontal line a 1.00, and thus extends the scale down. Other values (i.e. "$TEN") didn't work...


  • KevoKevo
    edited August 2015
    Try increasing the chart range. Doing this may add higher historical prices and thus change the Y axis. Also, check or un-check log scale if price range is very large.

    Another idea is to create your own index if you have the EXTRA membership or higher. All that is needed is one value in the custom index. It is called a User-Defined Index (UDI). Next, add the UDI as Price (Same Scale).

    I cannot think why you would want to do this. Any enlightenment would be nice.
  • Rationale? To project extensions above or below recent price ranges. Similar to the reason why you'd want to add extra bars to the x-axis. I want to notate where I think price may go in the future.

    Sometimes a longer chart history works, but only if price has been in the region I'm interested in relatively recently.

    Namely, I'm using the Fibonacci retracement tool, but not just for retracements. I'm also using it for extensions too. It's a technique many other charting software programs have, and frankly the one thing missing from stockcharts that might lead me away.

    The fibs offered in stockcharts only include the 32.8, 50, 61.8, and 100. I'd like to see the 23.6 and 76.4 added at minimum. What I really need is the ability to extend beyond 100% to these same fibs e.g. 123.6%, 132.8%, 161.8%, etc. And, of course, the ability to extend the y-axis up or down creating "white space" in which to project these extensions.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2015
    In the annotation tool, if you hold down the control key when drawing the fib lines, it will give you 23.6 and 161.8. Chip said on one his blog entries that a new annotation tool is in the works, but didn't give a firm date. I agree it does need to be more competitive. As for the white space on the y-axis, I think @Gord had an answer for that, but I'm sorry I don't remember what it was. Maybe @Kevo remembers, or @Sharptraders or @ekwong ?
  • Thanks marcd. I'll try ctrl key. Will also search @Gord
  • @gord 's answer might have been to put an indicator panel above the chart and then set it to invisible, but I'm not sure that's right.
  • Yeah, that works. Well, sort of. Does create some room for additional notations just not on the same y-axis scale. Ctrl key for those 2 extra fibs works. I'd be gald to offer some recommendations on alternatives if developers are interested. Or just survey the competition. Frankly, the calculations are easy and the coding is obviously there already.
  • You can send recommendations to support. You get back kind of a generic answer, but many changes to the site have been proposed by users, so give it a try.
  • Kevo...I know this stream is quite old, but i had a question re extending the Y Axis on charts where the data for a particular time period didn't go down enough to include lower Y Axis values. Your comments above re adding a UDI and then overlaying it as Price (same scale) worked perfectly! Thank you VERY much!!
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