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PnF charts

If the $SPX PnF chart shows a bullish Price objective, but the SPY PnF chart has a bearish price objective, which is more reliable? TIA

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    The default PnF charts for each show different ranges. Try adjust settings for them to both have the same chart range, or try changing reversal box count from 3 to 1.

    Note that the less range $SPX PnF chart shows an active bearish trendline even though it has a bullish price objective.

    Note that $SPX is still in a long correction.

    $SPX is more reliable because SPY had selling pressure/tracking error on 24AUG. PnF charts use high/low and the SPY low was off more. See this post for more details:
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    markdmarkd mod
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    Sorry, not knowledgeable enough about P&F theory to answer. But if you do a scale factor of ten on SPY, and a scale factor of 1 on $SPX, both have a bearish price objective.


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    I'm not sure why the $SPX PnF chart is still showing a bullish price objective even after the breakdown? Hi @gord @markd
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    Thank you and as always very helpful responses. I will look at the charts again with the info provided.
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