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ema scan

Does anyone have a scan for a rising ema


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    and [ema(??, close) > ?? days ago ema(??, close)]

    Pick your numbers to replace the "??".

    The longer the ema, the more days ago you should use to test the change, so you avoid minor changes that don't turn out to be a true direction.

    (Of course, with a stock that hasn't decided where it's going, you'll get misleading results no matter what combinations you choose.)

    So for a 3-5 day ema, you might use 1-2 days ago; for a 10 - 21 day, 2-3 days ago, for 50 days, maybe 5-10 days ago, for 200, maybe 10-20 days ago.

    You'll have to test for yourself to see which combinations get what you are looking for most of the time.
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