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Divide 10 year Treasury ($TNX) by 10?

For some strange reason the 10 year Treasury yield is displayed multiplied by 10. So, today, the 10 year yield of 2.23% is shown as 22.3. This doesn't normally matter since one can make the mental adjustment when looking at the simple chart. But I'm trying to overlay the 10 year - 2 year yield curve onto the same chart as the 10 year. The yield curve chart shows the difference in basis points correctly (right now it's around 138 basis points or 1.38%) so I need the 10 year yield to show 2.23 not 22.3. Any way to divide the 10 year yield by 10?


  • Try using $UST10Y instead of $TNX. The difference between the two is that $TNX has intraday data whereas $UST10Y does not.
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