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Scan for Elder Impulse Red bar

a StockCharts pre-defined scan for an Elder Red bar is: "and [elder bar red is true]". However, I have not figured out how to, as an example, say ..."scan for four daily consecutive Elder red bars two days ago".


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    This seems to work:

    [group is sp500]
    and [elder bar red is true]
    and [1 day ago elder bar red is true]
    and [2 days ago elder bar red is true]
    and [3 days ago elder bar red is true]

    It gets the four consecutive red bars, as of today. To get it for 2 days ago, adjust the calendar on the advanced scan page to two days before the current day, or most recent close.

    You can construct these scans from the drop down lists on the advanced scan page. You may need to edit the default formulation. Look at the Instructions link at the bottom of the advanced scan page, and/or the videos in chart school for a primer on constructing scans.
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    thanks Markd, my problem was that I was placing "1 day ago" outside the square brackets, thinking that the "[elder bar red is true]" had to be in its own set of square brackets.
    I appreciate you guys helping us "newbies"
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    Good afternoon folks,

    In part of my scan I am looking for an Elder bar that is red or blue. I have been using:
    and [elder bar red is true]
    or [elder bar blue is true]

    By themselves the scan works. Used together they fail and I receive all three colors. C

    Any advice?
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    If you are using "or", you need to use brackets to isolate the "or" statement(s). If you don't, , then if ANY condition in your scan is true for a symbol, it will show up in your results. So, you are getting green elders because that symbol fits some other condition in your scan and (unknowingly) you didn't say it couldn't be green.

    You could try

    and [ [elder bar red is true] or [elder bar blue is true] ]

    Notice the extra pair of brackets around the elder bar conditions.

    If that doesn't work, post the whole scan and we'll see what else can be done.
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    I use the following by filling out the form : find Green after the last red and Red after the last Green bar.

    Can't recall where the Form is located.

    Hope this can help,

    Quill -
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