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ETF column

not sure if this is the right place to post this, but

I would like to suggest a feature for StockCharts "Predefined Scan Results" page, an ETF column, (like the one that exists for mutual funds). Good idea?

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  • I've been asking for the ETF Column for years. Support points out that I can create this on my own using the the scan engine but declines to add the column.... and say they will pass on my request but do not have a reason as to why it has not been added.

    In addition, I would love to see the 60 minute time frame added to the scan engine.


  • It's so obviously a good idea I'm thinking there must be a reason why they don't. But I have no idea what that might be. Why not suggest it to support?
  • gordgord admin
    edited October 2015
    This is just my opinion but would say the predefined scan engine is already running a huge amount of scans every day, every few minutes. Adding more would add more load to the servers and it is just designed to give you a snapshot of what is going on.

    You always have the capability to modify a particular scan and specify only ETF's. Of course this would give you all ETF's on all exchanges, some might want only NYSE or Nasd ETF's and not the Canadian, Amex or London ETF's, this is an option you can specify in your own scan.

    I'm sure some people would like a column added for S&P500 stocks, or Nasdaq 100 stocks, etc etc, where do you stop.

    As for intraday time frame scans, that would require access to real time data, much additional scan engine horsepower and increased live database space. This increases quickly as some people want 60 min, some 120 min, some 30 min etc etc. In my opinion if you are trading on these time frames you have already narrowed your search and are actively watching just a few charts real time, thus no need to scan 50,000 stocks over and over again every few minutes.
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